Our sectors of activity


The building and civil engineering (BTP) sector is benefiting significantly from advances in the field of plastic injection molding. This technology has become indispensable in modern construction, offering innovative and efficient solutions for a variety of applications. Plastic injection molding in the construction industry enables the production of a wide range of parts and components with exceptional precision and uniformity. Items manufactured can range from pipes, fittings and fasteners, to electrical boxes, window and door components, and much more.


The association between wellness and plastic injection molding may seem unusual at first glance, but there are many ways in which this modern manufacturing process contributes positively to the improvement of wellness-related plastic components. Plastic injection plays a significant role in the wellness sector, contributing to the creation of innovative products designed to improve people’s quality of life. From ergonomic sports equipment to massage devices and functional bathroom accessories. What’s more, the flexibility of the plastic injection process makes it possible to design products tailored to users’ specific needs, helping to create a more comfortable living environment conducive to well-being.

Electricity / Electronics

Plastic injection molding plays an indispensable role in the manufacture of components and products for the electronics industry. This technique enables the production of precise, durable parts on a large scale, essential for meeting the speed and innovation requirements of the electronics sector. Plastic injection molding is used in particular for the production of electrical components (connectors, switches, etc.), network and telecommunications components, and accessories (protective shells, chargers, brackets, etc.).

Industrial packaging

Plastic injection molding is one of the most widespread techniques for manufacturing industrial packaging. This method can be used to produce a wide variety of containers. Made from resistant materials, these containers are designed to withstand rigorous conditions and can be reused several times, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable approach. Customization is also a strong point of plastic injection molding. We can adjust the shape, size, color and characteristics of the packaging to meet the specific requirements of each customer, offering tailor-made solutions that improve the efficiency and optimization of logistics processes.

Sport & Leisure

TSE has comprehensive expertise in the production of plastic parts. We are skilled in working with both standard raw materials (such as polyolefin, PE, PP) and more technical materials, while also being able to meet your specific needs, particularly in terms of visual criteria.

Other consumer products

The plastic injection molding sector plays a predominant role in the manufacture of consumer products. This manufacturing technique makes it possible to produce large quantities of plastic parts with great precision and at competitive costs, thus meeting the demands of the consumer market. Plastic injection molding can be used to produce parts for household appliances, furniture, toys, etc.