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Single-material injection molding

Single-material injection molding is widely used in industry to manufacture a variety of parts in plastic, rubber or metal. It is common in the production of automotive components, household goods and electronic appliances. This technique guarantees precise, reproducible mass production. What’s more, its excellent cost-effectiveness ratio makes it popular. It can be used to produce parts of various shapes and sizes, demonstrating its versatility.

Moulage par Injection mono-matière
Moulage par Injection mono-matière
Moulage par injection bi-matière
Moulage par injection bi-matière

Two-material injection molding

Bi-material injection molding is a technique for combining two different materials in a single part, optimizing properties such as rigidity and flexibility. It is used to produce parts with distinct characteristics in different areas, such as a tool handle combining hard plastic and soft rubber. This method favors advanced design and enhances product performance.

Rubber & elastomer injection molding

Rubber and elastomer injection molding is a manufacturing process used to produce parts from elastic materials such as rubber. The process is similar to plastic injection molding, but uses elastomer materials that have unique properties compared to traditional plastics.

Rubbers and elastomers are used in a wide variety of applications thanks to their unique properties, such as flexibility, elasticity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Moulage injection caoutchouc & élastomère
Injection corps creux

Hollow part injection

Hollow-body injection molding combines two shaped elements in a single step to produce an integrated finished part. By overmolding, the part gains in tightness and pressure resistance. This method is economical, avoiding subsequent finishing and producing complete assemblies with each molding.

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Overmolding of inserts

Insert overmolding combines components, often metallic or plastic, with a plastic part during molding. Essential in sectors such as automotive, electronics and healthcare, it enriches the properties of parts, such as insulation or conductivity, while enhancing their functionality and durability.

Surmoulage d’inserts
Surmoulage d’inserts
TSE Projet clé en main

Turnkey project

A company on a human scale, flexible and reactive, TSE puts its expertise in plastics processing at your service, with “turnkey” plastic processing solutions. From design to production, we industrialize your parts in line with your specifications.

Material selection support

The choice of plastic material is a crucial step in the product development process, directly influencing the product’s performance, durability, cost and ultimate success. Professional and technical support is often required to guide designers and engineers through this complex process.

Accompagnement choix de la matière

Tooling selection support

We support our customers in their projects by providing all our technical expertise in the design, production and fine-tuning of injection molds. We work with a number of local, French, European and global partners, to provide a comprehensive range of services.